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This page will describe the attributes you can choose from on a standard wand order form.
Remember: If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me [here] before you complete an order.

This attribute on the form determines the total length of the piece.

Thickness at the Shaft Base:
This attribute tells me the the thickness of the shaft where it meets the handle. The shaft will taper down from this thickness (unless otherwise specified) to be thinner at the tip.

Stain Color:
I mostly use the MinWax Wood Finish color-set. The best way to get the exact color you want is to send a reference photo of a wooden object that is the same color you want your wand to be. Send this photo by using the [Reference Photo] section of the order form. The stain color reference photo you send will determine the color of the piece regardless of what stain color you have chosen in the dropdown box of the order form.
Many woods do not have a stain section. This is usually due to the special quality of that wood's natural coloration.

Oil finishes tend to darken wood coloration slightly. If you select a stain color I recommend a varnish finish.
Oil - low gloss:
Oil - high gloss:
Oil - Wax:
Varnish - low gloss:
Varnish - high gloss:

The design section is to help you communicate what you want your wand to look like. This section is especially important if you are having the wand designed for you rather than submitting your own design. If your wand design is a mix of two categories you can choose multiple boxes.
Certain design options are more expensive than others. So be honest when selecting your design boxes in order to avoid confusion and unhappiness later.
Explanations of the options and examples are below. I'll be using the Warner Brother's movie wand set here as examples since most people are more or less familiar with them.

This box applies to any wand that is supposed to look like a raw stick. Designs with the bark still on, knobby twig junctions, ect, would all fall under this category.

This box applies to any design that does not resemble natural wood but also does not look man-made. Ripple/wave effects, bumps, slash marks, etc, all fall into this category.

This box applies to any design that is obviously man-made but does not resemble an object or animal. Raised spirals, geometric, and abstract forms all fall into this category. That being said, any design with pieces that extrude more than a quarter inch from the straight shaft of the wand will fall into [Sculptural].

This box applies to any design that directly resembles an object or animal. This box also applies to any wand with parts that extrude from the main body of the wand by more than a quarter inch.

"Turned" refers to the carving process that is done on a lathe. The wood spins horizontally on the lathing machine and the thickness of that piece is then shaved down into patterns. This technique produces straight pieces. Please use the [Turned] category for thick/thin patterns whose individual sections are a quarter inch or wider.

Finely Turned:
The [Finely Turned] box is for patterns made on a lathe that are very detailed, complex, thin, and/or small.

The [Patterned] box is is for patterns that are etched or carved into the surface of the wand. Examples of patterns are mazes, geometric, runes, scroll work, celtic knots, etc.

Simplified refers to designs that are.... well, simple. These wands have little to no surface ornamentation, no extruding parts, or painted effects.

This space on the order form exists so you can explain how you want your wand to look. If you want me to come up with a design for you, use this space to tell me about things you are interested in. For example if you like birds I might do something with a feather design. Or if you really like Victorian scroll work I could etch a similar pattern into the handle. Basically, give me information that will inform my design so that you get the carving style you want.

Reference Photos:
Sometimes it's easier to show a sample than it is to describe it. The reference photos section allows you to send me pictures. Use this section to send a sketch of your wand design, pictures of designs that are similar to what you want, and/or a stain color reference.
If you are having your piece stained I STRONGLY recommend including a photo of a wood object that is the color you want. Staining is a bit of an art. The same can of stain can produce a wide range of color due to wood type, number of coats, etc. The wood-color reference picture you send will be the color I aim for regardless of what color you chose in the [Stain] attribute.