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Do you ship internationally?
Yes! I do ship internationally using United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Mail International. This shipping service hands the package off to your country's postal service upon reaching that country's border. It generally takes about 6-10 days. For an example of shipping cost, one wand package to Australia will be around $11 USD. A full list of the countries this service delivers to can be seen [HERE] and [HERE] on the USPS website.

Can you make me a wand from XXXX material not listed on your site?
Probably. Please contact me [here] to request a wood. If it’s possible for me to obtain said wood and we can agree on a price then I certainly will make you a wand out of a specially requested material.

Will you make XXXX character’s wand?
Sadly, no. There are copyright issues involved. I will not make wands directly from the Harry Potter movies as those designs belong to either JK Rowling or Warner Brothers.

Will you put XXXX inside the wand as a core?
Wands are already very thin. Hollowing them out to put something inside will make the wood weak and prone to breaking. In order to give you a better quality product I will not be hollowing out these pieces to put things inside them.

Are you interested in buying these branches I have?
I am currently looking for supplies of Elder, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, and Willow. The size of wood I look for are blocks or branches over .75” in diameter and 15” long. If you are cutting green or fallen wood I suggest cutting at 16” as the ends will likely split and be unusable. To stop or minimalize split ends, cap the ends with wax after cutting. I’m not looking to pay more than $4 per usable piece or buy batches of less than 5 or more than 20 pieces as I will also have to pay shipping and wait for them to dry properly.
If you have these woods, take some pictures and contact me [here] so we can discuss pricing.